Sunday, 18 December 2022

ADF Snack - Global parameters deployment resets Networking settings

After deployment of Azure Data Factory (ADF) via Azure DevOps pipelines, I noticed that the Network Access settings has been changed from "Private endpoint" to "Public endpoint". How can we prevent this overwrite during deployment?

Azure portal - Networking settings of ADF

For this we need to make use of the new mechanism to include global parameters in your ARM template, instead of the old mechanism via de GUI ('Manage' - 'Author' - 'Global Parameters'). 

ADF portal - Old mechanism to include global parameters

Another solution that is part of the old mechanism, this PowerShell script, has already been updated and includes now the following code that is necessary to fix this.
Set-AzDataFactoryV2 -InputObject $dataFactory -Force -PublicNetworkAccess $dataFactory.PublicNetworkAccess
1) Include global parameters in ARM template
The first step is to include the global parameters on a different place then in the past. Go to "Manage", then "Source control" and click on "ARM template". Check the box to include the parameters.

ADF portal - New mechanism to include global parameters

2) Edit parameter configuration
Next we need to add some additional code to the ARM template parameter definition file. The location where to include the global parameters has changed. 
"Microsoft.DataFactory/factories/globalparameters": {
     "properties": {
             "*": { 
                 "value": "=" 
The file will now look like something like this. You can remove the old global parameter configuration "Microsoft.DataFactory/factories" if you want, but for now I keep this to show the difference.

ADF portal - Result of edit parameter configuration

Click here for more information and the current default parameterization template.

3) Change release pipeline
If you are using YAML to publish the changes, the only thing you have to edit is the overrideParameters property for the following task:

Search the following part of your global parameters code.
Replace this with the following code.
This part of your code will now look like something like this.
overrideParameters: > 
  -default_properties_GP_AzureSynapseServerName_value $(AzureSqlDedicatedPoolServerName) 
  -default_properties_GP_AzureSynapseDatabaseName_value $(AzureSqlDedicatedPoolName) 
  -default_properties_GP_AzureResourceGroupName_value $(AzureResourceGroupName) 
  -default_properties_GP_AzureSubscriptionId_value $(AzureSubscriptionId) 
  -default_properties_GP_AzureKeyvaultSecretsURL_value $(AzureKeyVaultUrl) 

In this post you learned how to use the new mechanism to include global parameters in your ARM template for Azure Data Factory. Besides resolving the issue where the endpoint settings has been changed after a deployment, it will also be a future proof solution. For now Microsoft continue the support of the old mechanism, but the question (as always) is for how long.

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