Friday, 28 April 2017

Azure Snack - AAS and On-Premise Data

You are building a Tabular model in combination with Azure Analysis Server (AAS) and you want to use an on-premise SQL database as source, but you are getting the following error:

Visual Studio - Error while importing the data

Error message:
Failed to save modifications to the server. Error returned: 'On-Premise Gateway is required to access the data source and the gateway is not installed for the server bitools.

How do you fix this error?

As the error message indicates, we need a gateway to use data from an on-premise data source. This On-Premise Gateway can be downloaded here. In this case we install the gateway for our AAS server. Important to know is that you are installing a gateway for a specific AAS server. For example, if you have an Azure subscription with two servers that connect to on-premises data sources, the gateway must be installed on two separate computers in your (organization) network.

Run the setup, choose a installation folder/path and install the gateway. After installation, you must configure the gateway for your AAS server. Sign in to Azure and fill in your server name. Now you are ready to go!

Azure - Install on-premises data gateway

Perhaps you saw that I had to update my gateway, this is because I have installed earlier a gateway for Power BI. These gateways are the same, but for AAS it is configured differently. More information about this gateway here.

Go back to your Tabular model and try to import the data again. It works!

Visual Studio - Importing the data succedeed

If it doesn't work the first time, restart Visual Studio and open your solution again. The connection to the AAS server may be lost after inactivity.

Common Errors
A common installation error of the gateway is the following:

The server you have provided does not exist or you are not an administrator of the server. 

{"code":"NotFound","subCode":0,"message":"Server 'ssastest' is not found.","timeStamp":"2017-05-15T10:07:28.1324395Z","httpStatusCode":404,"details":[{"code":"RootActivityId","message":"b49c33e2-7e45-4e67-98f0-ab86faf21c12"},{"code":"Param1","message":"ssastest"}]} 

Or the following error:

The server you have provided does not exist or you are not an administrator of the server. 

{"code":"Unauthorized","subCode":0,"message":"Either server 'asazure://' does not exist or user is not the administrator of 'asazure://'","timeStamp":"2017-05-15T09:57:48.7294661Z","httpStatusCode":400,"details":[{"code":"RootActivityId","message":"a029ee64-56b7-4f85-96da-bb2f78c8eba6"},{"code":"Param1","message":"asazure://"}]} 

Based on this, we have two types of errors: the AAS server is not found or you have no access to the server. See the screenshots below for more information (possible fixes).

On-premise gateway - AAS server not found

On-premise gateway - No access to AAS server

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